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"If Rick Deckard had carried an iPhone in the movie Blade Runner, and he’d used a camera app, that app would have been BLUX."
"The first app I've seen to offer the equivalent of what's called "Auto Scene Mode" on most point-and-shoot cameras. The app applies a compensation scene mode based on what it thinks you need (taking local weather into account too). I've been waiting for someone to do this"
" Blux Camera-Optimized for iPhone5/iPod Touch (5th)|これはCamera+を超えるかも!?カメラアプリの新しい決定版になりそうなほど!!"
"Blux Camera, which gives you Instagram- and Photoshop-like filters and effects. The difference is that the app will show you the effect on screen in real-time before you take the picture. It even has intelligence that will use location and weather information to suggest a filter."
"Blux Camera integrates an intelligent photographic assistant right into your pocket, allowing you to relax and focus on taking the perfect picture. This is a brand new app with P.E.A.R. technology that help you capture amazing photos."


"尽管说像 Instagram 等众多拍照应用广泛利用滤镜,用户创作漂亮照片的门槛已被大大降 低,但如果你还不能熟练把握在什么情况下用哪款滤镜的话(比如我),Blux Camera 的 P.E.A.R.智能推荐滤镜和拍摄模式的做法相信会有相当的帮助。"
"通过Blux Camera拍出的照片效果相当出色,原图效果清晰锐利,滤镜效果更拍出了照片 的文艺范儿,值得称赞的是iPhone 5的紫光现象也彻底消失了,智能照相机的名号果然名 不虚传。"
"在举不胜数的iOS摄影软件中,有这样一款软件,它的设计理念炫到让你觉得这应该是007 或者某个科幻大片中,那些高科技间谍使用的设备。"
"和众多照片处理应用不同,BluxCamera想做的是并不是照片后期的美化和处理,也不是 提供几个滤镜以做出Lomo的效果,而是要做一款让手机变成“人工智能相机”的应用。"
"Blux Camera最令人满意的是界面。软件界面设计风格十分清新,在拍摄界面可以分别完成测光和对焦控制。软件的另一大特点是界面采用了3D效果,操作时动感十足,另外软件 在操作每一个命令时,还伴有好听的音效,带给用户视觉和听觉的全"
"这款应用在界面设计上就首先抓住了用户的心,虽不花哨但也很有个性。核心的拍摄功能 上十分给力,可以媲美普通的数码相机,再加上操作简易,在市面上同类型产品中是一个 不错的选择,推荐一试!"

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